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What is it? A robot arm for all! The Dobot’s de­sign­ers claim a whole range of uses for it: de­sign­ing and build­ing prod­ucts, feed­ing pets, teach­ing chil­dren cal­lig­ra­phy and more. It’s re­mark­ably ac­cu­rate for such an af­ford­able de­vice, with a measly er­ror mar­gin of about 0.2mm. When’s it due? Avail­able De­cem­ber 2015. Why are we ex­cited? Al­though its mak­ers in­sist it’s a tool for ev­ery­one, we feel it is best suited to small busi­nesses and crafters – the type of peo­ple who need a high-pre­ci­sion de­vice in their daily busi­ness life. But at its rel­a­tively low price, it’s a mar­vel that the de­sign­ers have crammed as much into Dobot as they have.

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