Do more with Hot Cor­ners

Get your Mac to fight your cor­ners by work­ing with them

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The cor­ners of your Mac’s screen gen­er­ally go unused. While the Hot Cor­ners fea­ture in Mis­sion Con­trol’s pref­er­ences al­lows you to quickly ex­e­cute func­tions by mov­ing the pointer to a cor­ner, it’s lim­ited by the rel­a­tively few ac­tions avail­able.

That’s where CornerClick (free, is use­ful; it al­lows you to as­sign mul­ti­ple com­mands to each cor­ner, such as open­ing files or di­rect­ing your browser to a spe­cific URL. You can dis­tin­guish each com­mand with mod­i­fier keys – hold­ing ç, say, while the pointer is in the cor­ner of the screen to per­form a dif­fer­ent ac­tion, mul­ti­ply­ing its uses.

Like Hot Cor­ners, CornerClick can be used to make short­cuts to the Desk­top, Dash­board and screen saver, and while it won’t al­low you to ac­cess Mis­sion Con­trol or Launch­pad, it makes up for it with the op­tion to run Ap­pleScripts or even apps cre­ated in Au­toma­tor.

The rel­a­tively sim­ple util­ity has a sur­pris­ing amount of ver­sa­til­ity. In­vest­ing just a lit­tle ef­fort into set­ting it up can quickly pay off by en­hanc­ing how you use your Mac. Adam Smith

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