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Well, El Cap­i­tan has ar­rived – and thanks to all the prep work you have done to help us, so far so good. How­ever, there is some odd be­hav­iour out there, not all of it re­lated to El Cap­i­tan, I sus­pect. Can you help?

No mat­ter what I do I am un­able to get my iMac (late 2013 27-inch) to con­nect with my iPhone 5s or my iPad 2 over Air­Drop. Both of the iOS de­vices con­nect via Blue­tooth to each other, non-Mac de­vices such as my car and re­mote speak­ers. I have tried all the usual routes, but oddly when I look at it in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences it says that Blue­tooth is switched on – when I check it says that ‘Blue­tooth (Dis­cov­er­able)’ is turned off. I am not sure how I can change this. From the in­ter­net I note that Air­Drop is prov­ing a prob­lem and I have tried some of the so­lu­tions posted, but none have worked.

I have a bit of an is­sue with Adobe Reader as it keeps open­ing up in the Dock. I have tried all the sug­ges­tions you put in the mag and it is not checked in Users and Groups. When I try and drag it off the Dock it jumps back on, and no mat­ter what I try I can­not in­stall Flash – yes, I know you said it is re­source hun­gry but that is not a prob­lem on my Mac. Unin­stall and re­in­stall?

As for iOS 9.0.2, whilst is Spain re­cently I kept get­ting a mes­sage in Mail to tell me to re­con­fig­ure the server, but how on earth do you do that away from home? There was not a prob­lem with non-iCloud mail such as Google but Mail was so prob­lem­atic that I had to ditch it and use Google.

I be­lieve that I am fairly tech savvy and if I am hav­ing th­ese is­sues I sus­pect oth­ers are too. I know that if there is an OS glitch Ap­ple will fix it even­tu­ally and I sus­pect that if they don’t you guys will tell us how to. Keep up the good work. David Simp­son Chris­tian Hall says… We’ve been hav­ing the same is­sue with Air­Drop here – even on a clean in­stall of El Cap­i­tan. The quan­tity of fo­rum posts sug­gests that it’s com­mon. We hope OS X 10.11.1 – in its third beta now – will fix this. The Blue­tooth is­sue might be a dif­fer­ent thing – we had sim­i­lar prob­lems in Yosemite in the past.

The iCloud mail is­sue sounds like a tem­po­rary net­work is­sue. We’ve had a cou­ple since launch, though they seem to have fixed them­selves.

Re­gard­ing Adobe Reader, it sounds like it’s still open – is there a light be­low its icon? Does it show up (and can you quit it) in Ac­tiv­ity Mon­i­tor?

El Cap­i­tan hasn’t been all plain sail­ing for some.

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