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My iTunes folder is on an ex­ter­nal Thun­der­bolt hard disk, and my Time Cap­sule backs up my Mac mini and the iTunes folder. Af­ter a power cut, iTunes said that iTunes Li­brary.itl wasn’t valid and it had cre­ated a new one. It then showed my pur­chases, avail­able to re­down­load, but not any­thing al­ready on the drive, in­clud­ing al­bums ripped from CDs. Restor­ing the li­brary file from be­fore the power cut hasn’t helped. Can I avoid re­down­load­ing every­thing and just point iTunes to the me­dia al­ready on my drive? Ray McCarthy Be­fore you give up on your backup, I would try restor­ing the en­tire iTunes folder in ~/Mu­sic. If that doesn’t work, try restor­ing from a week or two fur­ther back, just to make sure that there isn’t a cor­rupted file in the backup just prior to the power cut. If that still doesn’t work, you def­i­nitely don’t need to down­load all your pur­chases again. You still have them all on your ex­ter­nal drive. All that’s miss­ing are the en­tries in the li­brary file. Make sure that iTunes > Pref­er­ences > Ad­vanced has ‘Copy files to iTunes Me­dia folder when adding to li­brary’ unticked, then click File > Add to Li­brary and point to the fold­ers on your ex­ter­nal drive.

You can recre­ate your iTunes li­brary man­u­ally by just reim­port­ing the contents of your li­brary folder.

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