I can’t boot my MacBook Pro

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I have a 2012 MacBook Pro that wasn’t boot­ing be­cause the hard disk died. I have a clean in­stall of Yosemite on an SSD, which the MacBook starts up from over USB – but not when I in­stall it in the MacBook. I know I didn’t dam­age any­thing dur­ing the in­stall, be­cause I can take the SSD out and it works over USB. What would stop it boot­ing when the drive is in­ter­nal? Jonathan Harpen Have you held å while restart­ing to en­sure that you ac­tu­ally have the in­ter­nal drive se­lected and the MacBook isn’t try­ing to start up from a non-ex­is­tent USB drive? Af­ter that, the most likely cause is that the in­ter­nal drive cable is dam­aged. They are quite del­i­cate and this might even be why you had trou­ble in the first place, rather than the drive it­self.

If you swap your MacBook’s stor­age around, it’s easy to dam­age that del­i­cate rib­bon cable.

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