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My three-month-old MacBook Pro was stolen re­cently. My in­sur­ance is cough­ing up for a new one but I’m won­der­ing which is the best way to re­store my data. As an avid fan of MacFor­mat I have ‘done the right thing’ and kept two back­ups: Time Ma­chine’s hourly back­ups and a com­plete disk backup ev­ery Sun­day night us­ing Car­bon Copy Cloner. By ‘happy’ co­in­ci­dence, my lap­top was stolen on a Mon­day lunchtime, so both back­ups are equally up-to­date. Which one should I use when the new MacBook ar­rives? Are there any ad­van­tages either way? Keith Chancery There are, but the dif­fer­ences are fairly mi­nor. If you are restor­ing to ex­actly the same hard­ware, then Car­bon Copy Cloner’s im­age will give you the least trou­ble. It will be faster and you’ll be able to carry on ex­actly where you left off. But if your new MacBook has a dif­fer­ent spec in any way (for ex­am­ple, if you had Yosemite on the old Mac and El Cap­i­tan on the new one), then telling the Setup As­sis­tant to re­store from the Time Ma­chine backup is likely to work bet­ter. It will in­tel­li­gently mi­grate your apps and data across, tak­ing into ac­count any dif­fer­ences be­tween the two Macs. If you re­stored from Car­bon Copy Cloner, you’d over­write El Cap­i­tan with Yosemite. You could still up­grade back to El Cap­i­tan af­ter­wards of course. This should work fine, but it might be a slightly more tor­tu­ous route to take.

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