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Stream­line your file man­age­ment with th­ese handy short­cuts. How many of th­ese are new to you? Change to icon, list, col­umn or Cover Flow view in­stantly us­ing ç+1, ç+2, ç+3 and ç+4, re­spec­tively. In icon view, you can jump into the se­lected folder with ç+æ, while ç+… takes you to the par­ent folder. ç+[ (left square bracket) jumps back through the his­tory of fold­ers you’ve vis­ited, like your web browser’s back but­ton and ç+] jumps for­ward again. In col­umn view, dou­ble-click­ing a col­umn di­vider will au­to­mat­i­cally re­size the col­umn to the left of the di­vider, so that it is ex­actly wide enough for the longest file name in that folder. ç+I opens one Get Info win­dow each for what­ever files and fold­ers are se­lected. Press­ing ç+å+I in­stead opens an In­spec­tor that sum­marises the en­tire se­lec­tion, and it up­dates as you add to or re­move from the se­lec­tion. ç+c copies a file to the Clip­board and ç+v pastes that copy at the cur­rent lo­ca­tion. But ç+å+v also deletes the orig­i­nal file, ef­fec­tively mov­ing the file to a new lo­ca­tion.

Use Fin­der’s In­spec­tor rather than the Get Info win­dow to sum­marise mul­ti­ple files and fold­ers.

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