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I signed up for the Ap­ple Mu­sic trial on my iPad, but I think it’s bro­ken some­how. I can stream mu­sic, but when­ever I try adding an al­bum to My Mu­sic, it acts like it worked, but the al­bum never ap­pears in my li­brary. It just dis­ap­pears!

I have tried this on lots of dif­fer­ent al­bums but it doesn’t seem to make any dif­fer­ence. I don’t have a Mac, so my iPad isn’t synced to an­other de­vice. Can I re­set things with­out risk­ing los­ing stuff or tak­ing for­ever to re­down­load every­thing? Noah Saoirse In­com­plete or in­ac­cu­rate li­brary data has been a re­cur­ring fea­ture of Ap­ple Mu­sic since its launch. The 8.4.1 up­date to iOS in Au­gust fixed some of th­ese prob­lems and by the time you read this, iOS 9 will be out, which may fix some more. But if your prob­lem is still there, start by turn­ing off iCloud Mu­sic Li­brary in Set­tings > Mu­sic. This will dump all the al­bums from Ap­ple Mu­sic on your iPad (whether they were down­loaded or just added to My Mu­sic).

Next, turn iCloud Mu­sic Li­brary back on and they should down­load again. This in­volves some re­down­load­ing, but it’s not as bad as do­ing a full fac­tory re­set and down­load­ing all your apps and data as well, which is prob­a­bly your only other op­tion. In the mean­time, if Ap­ple Mu­sic isn’t sat­is­fac­tory, think about turn­ing off au­to­matic sub­scrip­tion re­newal un­til more bugs are squashed.

Man­age auto-re­newal in Set­tings > App and iTunes Stores > Ap­ple ID > View Ap­ple ID.

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