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Peo­ple tend to ap­proach RSS read­ers in one of two ways: with a blank sheet, look­ing for rec­om­men­da­tions, or with a big bunch of ex­ist­ing RSS sub­scrip­tions that they want to im­port.

Break­ing doesn’t im­port feeds; it starts with a screen urg­ing you to add some web­sites. Its hand­ful of feed sug­ges­tions are la­belled with but­tons that aren’t in English.

Daily comes with sug­gested feeds and can im­port feeds that have been ex­ported from an­other reader or ser­vice in the OPML for­mat. Pulp comes with a list of use­ful feeds, but if you don’t like them it’s easy enough to cus­tomise the pages and their contents and to add more.

Leaf, NetNewsWire and Read­Kit all as­sume that you know what you’re do­ing here, with OPML im­port from other apps or ser­vices and in the case of NetNewsWire, im­port from the pre­vi­ous ver­sion of the app. Clev­erly Read­Kit also dou­bles as a reader for ser­vices such as In­stapa­per and Pocket, so things you’ve saved in those ser­vices will ap­pear in Read­Kit.

Break­ing’s add/re­move but­tons aren’t in English. Not a very im­pres­sive start.

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