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The new­est mem­ber of the Mac fam­ily sports a 12-inch Retina dis­play with a pixel den­sity of 226ppi – al­most iden­ti­cal to the MacBook Pro. It’s avail­able in the same sil­ver colour as other Mac­Books, as well as Gold and Space Grey vari­ants.

Only this and the MacBook Pro fea­ture a Force Touch track­pad, which de­tects and re­sponds dif­fer­ently to lev­els of pres­sure. The back­lit keys are larger than on other Macs, and run al­most from edge to edge of the MacBook’s body.

The MacBook is pow­ered by In­tel’s new Core M pro­ces­sors (up to 1.3GHz), which are de­signed to stay cool with­out need­ing a fan, mak­ing this the qui­etest portable Mac. All mod­els come with 8GB of RAM – dou­ble the amount that’s stan­dard on the MacBook Air – but can’t be up­graded any fur­ther than that. They also in­clude fast flash stor­age that starts at a com­fort­able ca­pac­ity of 256GB, ris­ing to 512GB in the more ex­pen­sive ver­sion. The 1.3GHz pro­ces­sor up­grade is avail­able on both mod­els for be­tween £120 and £200.

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