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1 Tap out a pat­tern

In the same place you can as­sign one of Ap­ple’s own vi­bra­tion pat­terns, tap the Cre­ate New Vi­bra­tion op­tion be­low the list of them. The screen turns largely grey. Tap or hold your fin­ger in that area to build up a pat­tern. It might take a minute or so of prac­tice to get used to the sen­si­tiv­ity of the in­ter­ac­tion. Don’t worry if it takes you sev­eral at­tempts to get a good re­sult.

2 Choose your timings

As you lay down a pat­tern, a blue bar starts to run across the bot­tom of the screen. There’s a max­i­mum length to vi­bra­tion pat­terns, but you don’t have to fill it. Tap Stop at any time to keep only the du­ra­tion that has passed – but bear in mind that mo­ments of still­ness can be as help­ful as vi­bra­tions are in telling you what event is tak­ing place.

3 Save and as­sign it

Tap Play to check whether your pat­tern is good enough, or tap Record to take an­other stab at it. When you’re happy with the re­sult, tap Save, give your pat­tern a name when prompted, then tap the dia­log’s Save but­ton. Your pat­tern will then show up in the list headed Cus­tom, ready to be as­signed to events or even to a spe­cific con­tact.

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