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Weather, stock prices and sports fix­tures and re­sults are key cat­e­gories that have been added to Spot­light’s search re­sults. Just en­ter ‘weather’ to get a ten-day lo­cal fore­cast for your lo­cal area, or spec­ify a lo­ca­tion, such as ‘weather in Glas­gow’. Spot­light isn’t so flex­i­ble here as it is for file searches; de­vi­ate too much and it won’t un­der­stand. It re­turns sports fix­tures and match re­sults when you type a team name, but only for Amer­i­can and Pre­mier League foot­ball, bas­ket­ball, ice hockey and base­ball. To look up stock mar­ket in­for­ma­tion, en­ter the word ‘stock’ fol­lowed by a com­pany name or its stock sym­bol – AAPL, BT or TSCO, for ex­am­ple.

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