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Mac Format - - 75 EL CAPITAN TIPS -

The con­tin­ued ab­sence of Siri on the Mac is dis­ap­point­ing. A trick to smooth things over is to com­bine Spot­light’s nat­u­ral lan­guage search with OS X’s En­hanced Dic­ta­tion fea­ture, so you can speak your search terms di­rectly into Spot­light. First turn on En­hanced Dic­ta­tion in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Dic­ta­tion & Speech. When the re­quired down­load com­pletes, press ç+[ Space­bar] to open Spot­light, and dou­ble-tap ƒ to open to open dic­ta­tion. Speak your search terms and re­sults will ap­pear; you can keep say­ing words to re­fine them. Dou­ble-tap ƒ again to stop dic­tat­ing and use Spot­light’s key­board short­cuts to browse the re­sults.

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