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1 Get started

Image2i­con favours drag and drop. On the left, we have our copy of Image2i­con open, ready for drop­ping doc­u­ments on to. Then in Fin­der, we’ve opened two win­dows. One has the folder we want to ap­ply our icon to, and the other has the im­age we’re plan­ning on us­ing.

2 Drag and drop

Use an im­age with lots of con­trast (so it stands out) and that’s quite large (OS X’s icons max out at 1024x1024 pix­els). For lo­gos, PNG is a good for­mat, rather than the lossy JPEG. Re­gard­less, drag your im­age into Image2i­con’s well, and then drag your folder to the same well.

3 Re­store an icon

The item you dragged into the well takes on your new icon. If you de­cide you later want to re­move it, open the app or click the back ar­row, then click the Re­store tab. Drop the item with the cus­tom icon on to the well and it will spin away, be­fore re­veal­ing its de­fault icon.

4 Ad­just your de­sign

Now fine-tune your icon. Get back to the point we were at in step 2, and click the slid­ers icon to the top-right of the well. In the pop-up, use the slid­ers to ad­just off­sets, the zoom level, and im­age ro­ta­tion. You can also add a cus­tom back­ground colour. ‘Re­set all’ re­verts.

5 Ex­port your work

If you want to save your cus­tom icon rather than im­me­di­ately ap­ply it, click Ex­port and choose an op­tion. ICNS is OS X’s na­tive icon for­mat, but ‘Folder’ does the job for stor­age. You can drag th­ese saved items back to Image2i­con to ap­ply their icons to other files and fold­ers.

6 Re­move back­grounds

Some fea­tures un­lock via IAP. For ex­am­ple, re­move back­grounds by drag­ging the slider un­der the well. Note that this only re­moves flat colour around an icon – here, white ar­eas within let­ter­forms re­main. For more com­plex ed­its, try In­stant Al­pha (see tip above).

7 Use folder tem­plates

You can ap­ply an im­age to one of the built-in tem­plates, rather than your icon solely be­ing the im­age it­self. Pre­view any op­tion by click­ing it in the side­bar. Folder (En­graved) is the stan­dard OS X de­sign, but Folder (Cen­ter) of­fers more clar­ity. Ex­port/save needs the full ver­sion.

8 Get cre­ative

Un­der­neath folder tem­plates are other op­tions, in­clud­ing doc­u­ments, hard drives, and even vinyl sleeves. Re­mem­ber that your im­age’s di­men­sions might not be suit­able for all of the var­i­ous shapes; in or­der to avoid crop­ping your im­age, use the zoom tool men­tioned in step 4.

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