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1 Open a file or an app

In the Ac­tions tab, click­ing the plus but­ton en­ables you to as­sign com­mands to the cor­ners of your Mac’s screen. To cre­ate a short­cut to open a file, first en­sure that the Open File ac­tion is se­lected, and then use the pop-up menu to the right of that to se­lect a file or even an app.

2 Cre­ate com­bi­na­tions of ac­tions

If you as­sign mul­ti­ple ac­tions to the same short­cut, CornerClick will ex­e­cute them in the or­der that they are listed un­der De­fine Ac­tions. This can quickly put your Mac into a ‘work mode’, for ex­am­ple, by open­ing some apps and the Doc­u­ments folder while si­mul­ta­ne­ously hid­ing other things.

3 Open a web page

You can set a screen cor­ner to open a spe­cific web page by choos­ing the ‘Open URL’ ac­tion and then en­ter­ing an ad­dress in the box be­low, and as­sign a name to show in­stead of the full ad­dress – use­ful in help­ing you to dis­tin­guish long ad­dresses when man­ag­ing your short­cuts.

4 Change ap­pear­ances

Un­der Set­tings, use the slid­ers near the bot­tom of the win­dow to change the sizes of the text and icons that ap­pear when the pointer is in a screen cor­ner. You can also change the high­light colour so it’s clearer what ac­tion you’re about to in­voke when more than one is as­signed to the same cor­ner.

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