HOWTO | Reco ver deleted doc­u­ments

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1 Find re­cov­er­able doc­u­ments

One of the most frus­trat­ing things about us­ing any de­vice is when you ac­ci­den­tally delete a file you didn’t mean to. If that hap­pens to a file you have stored on iCloud Drive, makes it easy to get it back. To find it, log in, se­lect Set­tings and scroll down to the Ad­vanced sec­tion, then click Re­store Files and sort your files by date or name.

2 Get back deleted files

If it’s a file you just deleted, date is the best op­tion. Items are sorted old­est to new­est, so scroll to the bot­tom of the list. Choose the item you’d like to re­cover by click­ing its check­box, then se­lect Re­cover File. To see if it has worked, head to the iCloud Drive app on, and look in­side the folder where the file was pre­vi­ously stored.

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