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My MacBook is now seven years old and I would like to re­place it soon. I’ve fully up­graded its RAM and swapped the hard drive for an SSD so it’s run­ning as well as it pos­si­bly can.

The next Mac I get needs to have a 1TB drive, as my cur­rent 512GB SSD is feel­ing the strain of all my songs, pho­tos, videos and de­sign files I’m ac­cu­mu­lat­ing. How­ever, be­cause of Ap­ple’s measly lap­top stor­age op­tions, and their de­ci­sion to not al­low the end user to per­form their own up­grades, the only lap­top I can get is to­tally out of my bud­get.

My bud­get is around £1,200. In the past I could have pur­chased a lower end Mac, bought my own RAM and/or SSD up­grade and swapped them my­self. This would have worked out much cheaper than us­ing Ap­ple’s mas­sively in­flated up­grade prices. For ex­am­ple, right now I could buy the en­try level Retina MacBook Pro for £999 and eas­ily buy a 1TB SSD for about £240. This would cost me £1,239 – per­fect for me. How­ever, Ap­ple is forc­ing me to get a high­end MacBook Pro for £1,800 just be­cause I need 1TB of stor­age. I find this lu­di­crous. Barry Smith

Chris­tian Hall says… To some ex­tent we share you’re frus­tra­tion, and the choices in the new 4K iMac are a lit­tle puz­zling as an ex­am­ple. If you choose the 1TB hard drive you’re stuck with an ag­ing 5,400rpm model. 7,200rpm ex­ists for the 5K iMac only. For the en­try-level iMac (at £899) there’s only 256GB avail­able as the SSD op­tion too, rather than 512GB else­where. In the MacBook lineup the 1TB Flash op­tion is in­deed and ex­tra £400, so when you see those kinds of SSDs at the half the cost else­where it can be quite an eye opener. Have you looked on the re­furb store though, a quick pass over it showed that you’re more likely to pay closer to £1,600 for a MacBook Pro with a 1TB SSD – still not in your bud­get ad­mit­tedly but it’s worth keep­ing an eye on. An­other op­tion of course is to start mov­ing that data. Your in­ter­nal drive shouldn’t be used for ab­so­lutely ev­ery­thing. Mu­sic and video can eas­ily be shifted to a por­ta­ble hard drive at a frac­tion of the cost of get­ting a large ca­pac­ity SSD.

If you really do want a 1TB SSD in your MacBook it’s go­ing to cost you an ex­tra £400, and you can’t get it on all mod­els ei­ther.

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