Skreens Nexus

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From about $270 (about £175)

What is it? We’re a mul­ti­task­ing bunch when it comes to tech, but we’re very of­ten do­ing dif­fer­ent things on dif­fer­ent gad­gets, split­ting our at­ten­tion be­tween them. The Skreens Nexus seeks to ad­dress this by en­abling mul­ti­ple de­vices to dis­play on one screen via HDMI – and you can eas­ily con­trol it all from your iPad.

When’s it due? March 2016.

Why are we ex­cited? Given the in­creas­ing res­o­lu­tions of screens th­ese days, it makes a lot of sense to have ev­ery­thing right in front of you. So you can have your Ap­ple TV, a Twit­ter feed, your work and even a games con­sole all up on the same screen, let­ting you keep tabs on it all with­out switch­ing to an­other de­vice. We also think the iPad con­trol sys­tem looks like a great idea.

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