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What is it? The phrase ‘toi­let gad­get’ doesn’t ex­actly stir the loins, but the flam­boy­antly-named LooBlade is ex­actly that. If you’re not swish­ing your arms and strik­ing poses as you say its name, you’re prob­a­bly do­ing it wrong; it’s the James Bond of the loo clean­ing world.

When’s it due? De­cem­ber 2015.

Why are we ex­cited? It comes with ‘hol­low-point’ head tech­nol­ogy and yes, it even comes in Space Grey. Ev­ery­thing, from the blades them­selves to the holder they sit in has been de­signed to min­imise odours and kill germs. It’s an ex­cit­ing loo brush all right – and who thought that phrase would ever ap­pear in MacFor­mat?

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