The best mail app for Win­dows… is Mail!

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Your an­swer to Craig McAlis­tair in MF291 didn’t make sense! Craig wanted to use an email client which would give him the fea­tures of Ap­ple Mail on a Win­dows PC.

Your an­swer was to sug­gest Inky and Thun­der­bird. Haven’t you missed the ob­vi­ous an­swer? Surely Craig should sim­ply use Mail on his PC via iCloud? I do ex­actly that. I use a MacBook Air at home and a Win­dows PC at work and I ac­cess my Ap­ple Mail on the PC through iCloud. It works ex­actly the same as Mail on the Mac. No brainer. Ju­lian Brown

Good point. iCloud does in­deed pro­vide a web in­ter­face that is very sim­i­lar to the desk­top Mail app. It’s not a per­fect re­place­ment though. One mi­nor point is that be­cause you are ac­cess­ing your mail through the browser, you need to re­mem­ber to keep that tab or win­dow sep­a­rate from the oth­ers. If you nor­mally work with many tabs, per­haps grouped into dif­fer­ent win­dows, it’s a nui­sance to keep track of where your email has got to, and you can end up ac­ci­den­tally clos­ing it. With Sa­fari 9, you can over­come this by pin­ning open

More im­por­tantly, iCloud’s web in­ter­face only lets you ac­cess your iCloud ac­count. If you have a Gmail ad­dress, say, a desk­top app would let you ac­cess that as well as your iCloud mail in a uni­fied in­box. The web app can’t do that; you’d have to set Gmail to for­ward to iCloud.

Th­ese prob­lems aren’t in­sur­mount­able, but email is nor­mally an im­por­tant part of the daily work­flow, and even a small speck of grit can chafe quite badly if you’re rub­bing up against it dozens of times a day. For me at least, web­mail in­ter­faces are a handy al­ter­na­tive, much like be­ing able to read email on my phone is, but they are no sub­sti­tute for a desk­top app that I’m com­fort­able with.

The browser in­ter­face for iCloud Mail is pretty good, but it’s not a com­plete re­place­ment for OS X’s Mail app.

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