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I need to con­nect my Canon Hi8 cam­corder to my iMac with an S-video ca­ble. I have been to an Ap­ple Store but with no luck. Have you any clue to where I could pur­chase such a ca­ble? Tony Sherrington Hi8 is an ana­logue video­tape for­mat; a ca­ble by it­self won’t be enough to get the footage into your iMac be­cause the iMac needs dig­i­tal video. To con­vert be­tween them, you need a USB cap­ture de­vice. This, plus some con­ver­sion soft­ware run­ning on the Mac will turn the ana­logue sig­nals from your tapes into .mp4 files.

USB cap­ture de­vices are fairly cheap – Ama­zon has a Mac-com­pat­i­ble one from Cli­max Dig­i­tal, that has ev­ery­thing you need for £20. You’ll al­ways lose a small amount of im­age qual­ity in the con­ver­sion process, but use the S-video out­put on your cam­corder as that will give bet­ter re­sults than or­di­nary com­pos­ite video.

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