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Can you please help me with set­ting up a backup us­ing Time Ma­chine? I had an old MacBook Pro with which I used a Lacie ex­ter­nal hard drive to back up us­ing Time Ma­chine. Now I have a new MacBook Pro, with a 256GB drive as op­posed to my old Mac’s 500GB hard drive.

I store my Light­room cat­a­log on a sep­a­rate 500GB hard drive with my iTunes li­brary. My lo­cal Mac shop told me that the Time Ma­chine can now back up the hard drive on my Mac as well as the ex­ter­nal drive con­tain­ing my iTunes li­brary and Light­room cat­a­log. I couldn’t get my head around what he was say­ing about Time Ma­chine pref­er­ences and ex­clud­ing things from the list, which I have never tried. Can you can give me an idea in plain terms? Nigel James Hughes

It’s ac­tu­ally really sim­ple. By de­fault, Time Ma­chine will only back up your Mac’s in­ter­nal drive. Ex­ter­nal USB or FireWire drives, in­clud­ing mem­ory sticks, are ex­cluded by de­fault. To change this, just open Time Ma­chine’s pref­er­ences, click Op­tions and se­lect the drive with your Light­room and iTunes data (it has to be plugged in to show up in the list). Now click the ‘mi­nus’ but­ton at the bot­tom of the list and the drive will be re­moved from the list of those that will not be backed up, which means it will be backed up.

Time Ma­chine can only back up drives for­mat­ted with one of the ‘Mac OS Ex­tended’ for­mats. So if a new drive ap­pears greyed out, you’ll need to re­for­mat it us­ing Disk Util­ity.

Time Ma­chine’s back­ups nor­mally ex­clude ex­ter­nal drives.

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