How do I get the lat­est version of Boot Camp?

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I have Win­dows 8.1 in­stalled on my iMac on a Boot Camp par­ti­tion. I have tried in vain to up­grade to Win­dows 10. I have (on a few tries) down­loaded the Win­dows 10 up­date but when all seems set the Mac boots back into Win­dows 8.1. I’ve read that Boot Camp 6, is avail­able.

Ap­ple’s sup­port team seems in­ca­pable of an­swer­ing the sim­ple ques­tion as to whether Boot Camp 6 is avail­able and how I can get it. Do you know if it is pos­si­ble to up­grade from 8.1 to 10 on the Boot Camp par­ti­tion? Steve Cana­cott

Win­dows 10 is only of­fi­cially sup­ported on mod­els from mid-2012 on­wards. For the iMac, that means you need the Late 2012 model. If yours is ear­lier, it may still work though. I’ve seen it run­ning on 2011 mod­els, for sure, al­though there were some prob­lems with Win­dows’ Sys­tem Re­store fea­ture.

Of­fi­cially sup­ported mod­els should use Boot Camp 6 au­to­mat­i­cally, but don’t con­fuse this with Boot Camp As­sis­tant. Boot Camp isn’t ac­tu­ally that app; it’s a set of driv­ers that sup­port Win­dows 10 64-bit. Boot Camp As­sis­tant is the wiz­ard that sets up a Boot Camp par­ti­tion and down­loads the cor­rect driv­ers. The lat­est version of it is 6, but 5.1.4 will also work. Also note that Boot Camp only sup­ports the 64-bit version of Win­dows 10. If you’re up­grad­ing from 32-bit Win­dows 8, re­move the old Win­dows par­ti­tion, cre­ate a new one and then in­stall Win­dows 10.

Win­dows 10 is only of­fi­ically sup­ported on Macs that can run Boot Camp 6.

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