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In gen­eral I like the con­ve­nience of iCloud Photo Li­brary, but I’m get­ting very close to the 5GB limit and I don’t know if I like it enough to start pay­ing monthly for the priv­i­lege. A lot of my pho­tos are just tem­po­rary scans of pa­per­work that I pho­to­graph on my dig­i­tal cam­era for print­ing out. I don’t need th­ese synced to my iPad, but they cur­rently take up about 30% of my iCloud al­lot­ment. Is there a way to flag some im­ages as ‘not for sync­ing’? David Pierce

You can’t flag in­di­vid­ual pic­tures in the Pho­tos app, but you could cre­ate a sep­a­rate li­brary for them. If you start Pho­tos with å held, you’ll see the op­tion to cre­ate a new li­brary (or switch li­brary, once you have cre­ated an­other). This new li­brary won’t sync with iCloud (un­less you click Pref­er­ences > Use as Sys­tem Photo Li­brary, to se­lect this one in­stead of the de­fault li­brary) but it’ll oth­er­wise work just the same. When you want to im­port some scanned doc­u­ments you just start Pho­tos with å held. Then im­port your scans to this com­pletely self-con­tained li­brary, print them out if you want, and fi­nally use the same tech­nique to restart Pho­tos again and switch back to your usual li­brary with all your ac­tual pho­tos in it. This should al­low you to stay un­der the 5GB limit for a lit­tle longer.

You can choose which li­brary – only ever the one des­ig­nated as the Sys­tem Photo Li­brary – is synced to iCloud.

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