What is Time Ma­chine ver­i­fy­ing?

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I have a 2010 MacBook Pro and al­ways cre­ated a backup to a USB-con­nected hard drive once a week un­til re­cently. Ear­lier this year I set up a WD MyCloud as a lo­cal NAS and set this as the des­ti­na­tion for my back­ups. This worked for a while un­til I got a Time Ma­chine backup ver­i­fi­ca­tion er­ror, at which stage I had to cre­ate a new backup. This takes days over Wi-Fi as my backup is 300GB, but the real is­sue is that the er­ror re­oc­curs af­ter some ran­dom pe­riod. Have you any sug­ges­tions, as this es­sen­tially means I can’t rely on this method and I’ve re­verted to my old one. Brian Walsh

Time Ma­chine ver­i­fies things au­to­mat­i­cally each month. It doesn’t tell you what caused the prob­lem, only that it can’t be fixed and you have to start over. There is an out­side chance that it could be caused by a noisy elec­tri­cal power sup­ply, or a Wi-Fi net­work op­er­at­ing at the ex­treme limit of its range, but I’d tend to dis­count this the­ory if the prob­lem oc­curs fre­quently. By the same to­ken, if it doesn’t hap­pen ev­ery month, it can’t be due to your NAS drive not prop­erly sup­port­ing Time Ma­chine. In the mid­dle ground of reg­u­lar but not con­sis­tent backup prob­lems, the most likely cause is a hard­ware fault with the drive it­self. I sug­gest you try an­other NAS; if the fault dis­ap­pears, claim on the war­ranty of that drive.

If you reg­u­larly get Time Ma­chine ver­i­fi­ca­tion er­rors, check the SMART sta­tus of your drive in Disk Util­ity in case it is fail­ing.

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