How quickly does each drive trans­fer files?

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There was no clear win­ner in this test, with dif­fer­ent drives ex­celling in dif­fer­ent ar­eas. When it came to large file trans­fers, the MyCloud Mir­ror came out on top in both tests, pip­ping the Buf­falo LinkS­ta­tion to the post in the read test (3 mins 6 secs), but thrash­ing all­com­ers in the write test, its 3 mins 58 secs trans­fer time around two and a half min­utes quicker than its near­est ri­vals (the LinkS­ta­tion and Synol­ogy). At the other end of the scale was the Net­gear, tak­ing over 5 and 11 min­utes in the re­spec­tive tests, well be­hind the rest of the com­pe­ti­tion.

In the small file test it was a dif­fer­ent story. Here, Zyxel’s drive proved the most adept, tak­ing just 17 mins 46 secs to write over 40,000 files to the drive, and 11 mins 45 secs to trans­fer the files from it. WD’s My Cloud drive came sec­ond (22 mins 12 secs) in the write test, but fifth (16 mins 34 secs) in the read test. The Net­gear man­aged third place (14 mins 10 secs) in the read test but again dis­graced it­self in the write test, tak­ing over 69 mins to write the files to disk.

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