Reeder 3

Spell­ing may not be its strong point, but for read­ing, it’s a win­ner

Mac Format - - RATED -

RSS re­mains a vi­able for­mat to re­ceive web­site up­dates, but de­spite the abun­dance of Mac client apps, the tech­nol­ogy hasn’t quite flour­ished the same way Flip­board-style news­read­ers have on smart­phones and tablets.

Reeder 3 isn’t a rein­ven­tion, but it doesn’t need to be. It takes what was al­ready great and kicks it up a notch, even in the ab­sence of many new fea­tures.

The user in­ter­face re­mains func­tion­ally the same as Reeder 2, with the most ob­vi­ous change be­ing a new de­fault trans­par­ent ti­tle bar across the top, which seam­lessly blends into the fa­mil­iar three-panel de­sign (if you pre­fer the pre­vi­ous grey bar, it can be res­ur­rected from the Themes menu). Like­wise, but­tons for switch­ing be­tween Starred, Read­ing List and All Items views have been re­duced in size and made square for a more stream­lined look.

Other nice lit­tle touches abound, in­clud­ing un­read and starred counts for smart fold­ers, sup­port for pri­vate brows­ing, and the abil­ity to hover over a link to dis­play its ad­dress in the sta­tus bar. Last but not least, you can sync us­ing the Instapaper ser­vice, and in­di­vid­ual sync ser­vices such as Feedly, Min­i­mal Reader, and Inore­ader now have the op­tion to add tags, along with ar­ti­cle dele­tion from Read­abil­ity. J. R. Book­wal­ter Reeder 3 feels more like Reeder 2.5, but we’re really not too both­ered. This is still the Mac’s best RSS reader.

If you read in bed, you’ll love Reeder 3’s new themes, in­clud­ing this black op­tion.

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