Lovers in a Dan­ger­ous Space­time

What bet­ter way to test a re­la­tion­ship?

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Love is all around… or it was un­til the Ar­dor Re­ac­tor that en­sured peace and love in the galaxy was shat­tered, leav­ing a hole in space­time for ‘anti-love’ to pour through in the form of all sorts of weird crea­tures. With a part­ner, you have to res­cue im­pris­oned space bun­nies to un­lock paths to dis­tant con­stel­la­tions and re­cover re­ac­tor parts. One per­son will need to steer your spher­i­cal ship, while the other – or some­times both of you – op­er­ates the tur­rets to fend off foes.

Ap­pro­pri­ately, this quest is best un­der­taken as a couple, though you can go it alone – with an AI-pow­ered fe­line or ca­nine com­pan­ion us­ing which­ever sta­tion you direct them to – if it’s good enough for Han Solo… Played that way, the game can get over­whelm­ing with hav­ing to de­cide when to move your friend with­out wast­ing shoot­ing time, try­ing to main­tain a good fir­ing so­lu­tion for them, and not col­lid­ing with rocks. Pair up with a per­son in the same room and you can talk strat­egy and revel in suc­cesses to­gether, but hope that the fran­tic at­mos­phere doesn’t cause the anti-love to spill out of the vir­tual world. Alan Stone­bridge Not so much fun alone, yet Lovers… is fun for two if you can keep your cool with each other un­der pres­sure.

The neon vi­su­als and sim­ple char­ac­ter an­i­ma­tion are really ap­peal­ing in mo­tion.

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