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Mac Format - - MAKE MORE OF EL CAPITAN & iOS 9 -

Home Shar­ing al­lows you to browse and stream mu­sic and video stored in iTunes on a Mac or PC to your iPhone. Sadly, the abil­ity to use it for mu­sic was re­moved in iOS 8.4. Ap­ple promised it would re­turn, and that’s the case with iOS 9. Go to Set­tings > Mu­sic on your iOS de­vice, scroll down and look for your Ap­ple ID’s email ad­dress un­der the Home Shar­ing head­ing, or tap Sign In there and en­ter your cre­den­tials. Once signed in, open iTunes on your Mac, switch to the Mu­sic app’s My Mu­sic tab, tap where the cur­rent view (Artists, for ex­am­ple) is listed, se­lect Home Shar­ing, then choose a li­brary.

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