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1 Get started

When you open the News app, you’ll be pre­sented with a short de­scrip­tion of what it does, and a link to the ser­vice’s pri­vacy pol­icy. Tap Get Started, then browse the sug­gested chan­nels, tap­ping any you want to sub­scribe to, which high­lights them with a blue border. More chan­nels ap­pear as you scroll down, but once you’ve added ma­jor news providers, you’re bet­ter off tap­ping Con­tinue at the bot­tom of the screen and find­ing spe­cial­ist in­ter­ests an­other way, which we’ll look at in a mo­ment.

2 Sto­ries se­lected for you

When you tap Con­tinue, the app pre­pares a list of sto­ries from the chan­nels you se­lected, then takes you to the For You page, which lists them. Tap a story to read it. (On an iPhone 6s, you can lightly press on a story to peek at it, then press harder to pop it open if it looks in­ter­est­ing.) Items in the list that you’ve read are greyed. If you only want to read a chan­nel now and then, open one of its sto­ries, tap the Share icon, then Mute Chan­nel in the bot­tom row. (You can ac­cess its sto­ries in the Favourites tab.)

3 Share and save sto­ries

When read­ing a story, three icons ap­pear at the bot­tom of the screen. First is iOS’s fa­mil­iar Share icon, which en­ables you to share the story on so­cial net­works and in pri­vate mes­sages, add a link in the Re­minders or Notes apps, open the version pub­lished on the web in Sa­fari, and re­port con­cerns about the con­tent. The heart icon marks a story as some­thing you like, but you’ll find the book­mark at the bot­tom-right is more use­ful as it adds the story to the Saved page so you can quickly find it again.

4 Favourite chan­nels

Chan­nels you added dur­ing step 1 are listed here, and you can add more from the Ex­plore page (see step 5). To re­move a chan­nel, tap Edit at the top-right and then the ‘X’ at the top-left cor­ner of any chan­nel. Tap Done to re­turn to read­ing. Tap a chan­nel listed here to browse just that pub­lisher’s sto­ries, rather than the mix of them shown in the For You page. Brows­ing some chan­nels di­rectly, such as The Guardian and The Tele­graph, pro­vides a means to browse their broad con­tent by cat­e­gory.

5 Find more chan­nels

At the top of the Ex­plore page, the app sug­gests chan­nels and top­ics you might also be in­ter­ested in. Tap the + at the top-right cor­ner of one of them to sub­scribe to it, or tap else­where on its graphic to in­ves­ti­gate the con­tent it of­fers; you can then tap the + at the top-right of the screen to sub­scribe to it. Fur­ther down the Ex­plore page, you can browse for chan­nels by cat­e­gory; the same shortcuts de­scribed above work there, too. If you still can’t find what you want, tap Search and en­ter some key­words.

6 Read­ing tips

Among the ac­tions listed when you tap the Share icon while read­ing a story is Re­port a Con­cern. This draws Ap­ple’s at­ten­tion to con­tent that’s con­tentious in some way, or which is bro­ken or im­prop­erly cat­e­gorised (and so not what you ex­pected from its chan­nel). One last tip: when you open sto­ries that orig­i­nate on a chan­nel’s web­site, you’ll see only a sum­mary un­til you swipe up­wards to load the whole thing. This can be over­rid­den in Set­tings app; go to News and turn off Show Story Pre­views.

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