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1 Weather fore­casts

Type ‘weather’ and you should get a re­sult un­der the head­ing ‘Weather’ and/or ‘Top hits’. Se­lect it to see cur­rent con­di­tions and pre­dic­tions for the next six hours and 10 days. Press ® to visit Add a place to get its forecast; if that doesn’t work, add ‘in’ – ‘weather in Paris’, for ex­am­ple.

2 Sport­ing event re­sults

Scores for ma­jor teams can be searched for. Spot­light mostly cov­ers Amer­i­can sports, such as foot­ball and base­ball, but the English Premier League and other ma­jor foot­ball leagues are also avail­able. Type some­thing like ‘Arse­nal score’ and you’ll see the most re­cent re­sult. Scroll down for fix­tures.

3 Sports fix­tures and line-ups

To see the re­sults of a spe­cific game with­out look­ing through the fix­tures list, use a term along the lines of ‘Chelsea Ever­ton game’. You can also see a team’s cur­rent line-up by us­ing the rather Amer­i­can-sound­ing ‘ros­ter’. So ‘Liver­pool ros­ter’ or ‘Yan­kees ros­ter’ will list play­ers and their po­si­tions.

4 Stocks and shares

Ap­ple seems ob­sessed with stocks and shares, given that it welds a Stocks app to ev­ery iPhone, so some­one must find this in­for­ma­tion use­ful. If that’s you, type a ticker sym­bol to see its cur­rent price, or type a com­pany’s name fol­lowed by ‘stock’. Press­ing ® opens the re­sult on Ya­hoo Fi­nance.

5 On­line videos

In the­ory, Spot­light can find on­line videos, but right now its ca­pa­bil­i­ties ap­pear lim­ited. Type in a search term and then ‘YouTube’ or ‘Vimeo’ and you might get a re­sult. Press ® to open the re­sult in Sa­fari. We’ve found you need to be quite spe­cific re­gard­ing ti­tles – and you only ever get one re­sult.

6 Tran­sit in­for­ma­tion

At present, tran­sit is dis­ap­point­ingly lim­ited in Ap­ple Maps, and it’s of per­haps lim­ited use in Spot­light any­way, un­less you al­ways carry a MacBook. Still, in the UK you can type in a Lon­don sta­tion to quickly list its con­nec­tions, see pho­tos of the sta­tion, and, bizarrely, see re­views from Yelp.

7 Lo­cal venues

Spot­light can dig up other map de­tails. Type ‘Ap­ple Store’ to see your near­est stores un­der the ‘Maps’ head­ing. Many other terms are recog­nised, in­clud­ing pubs, cine­mas, shop­ping, and even types of food, such as ‘In­dian’ and ‘fish & chips’. Some­times adding ‘maps’ brings them to the top.

8 Re­open re­cent doc­u­ments

For com­pat­i­ble apps, Spot­light is a speedy way to get at re­cent doc­u­ments. Search for one and re­cent doc­u­ments will be listed un­der its icon on the right. Click a doc­u­ment to open it or, if you’re wed­ded to the key­board, press † to move the fo­cus to the list, then use the ar­row keys and ® .

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