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Paul’s wanted this longer than we’ve been talk­ing about iPad Pro

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Last is­sue we spoke with artists about whether the iPad Pro and its Ap­ple Pen­cil ac­ces­sory ap­peal to them on a pro­fes­sional level. Sev­eral raised the con­cern that the use of iOS would be a bar­rier to them us­ing it for work. If you agree with them, you should check out the Cin­tiq 13HD, which sits at the more af­ford­able end (about £700) of those Wa­com graph­ics tablets on which the draw­ing sur­face is also a screen. So, like the iPad Pro, you can draw di­rectly onto doc­u­ments, com­plete with pres­sure sen­si­tiv­ity and the abil­ity to de­tect how you’re tilt­ing the Pro Pen sty­lus.

The draw­back is that the tablet needs mains power, an HDMI sig­nal from your Mac to dis­play your desk­top, and a USB con­nec­tion to trans­mit in­put from its sty­lus and the tablet’s on-body but­tons to your soft­ware. But the un­de­ni­able strength is the abil­ity to use it with many well es­tab­lished Mac apps, such as Pho­to­shop, Il­lus­tra­tor and Painter.

The 13HD comes in two ver­sions. The ba­sic one (£650, MF262) al­lows in­ter­ac­tion us­ing its sty­lus, while a model with sup­port for hand-driven ges­tures on its touch­screen is £800. The en­try-level 32GB iPad Pro is ex­pected to cost some­where be­tween those amounts, but it won’t run your ex­ist­ing Mac apps.

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