Tweet­bot 4

Take Twit­ter to the next level

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£3.99 Devel­oper Tap­bots, tap­

Works with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Ver­sion 4.0.2

Twit­ter’s own app is… okay, yet iOS isn’t short of al­ter­na­tives to it. Tweet­bot is on the very short list of those that can be called ex­cel­lent. Now Tap­bots has re­fined it in ways big and small, and uni­fied its iPhone and iPad edi­tions.

A long­stand­ing com­plaint about third-party Twit­ter clients, Tweet­bot in­cluded, is that they don’t have an ag­gre­gate view of who retweeted you, who favour­ited your tweets, new fol­low­ers, and so on. Twit­ter keeps much of this data close to its chest, leav­ing third par­ties’ hands tied. Tweet­bot 4’s Ac­tiv­ity view solves this com­plaint, and it’s bet­ter than Twit­ter’s own take. It shows your day’s ac­com­plish­ments and a list of when tweets get at­ten­tion. If an old tweet gets favour­ited again, it’ll jump to the top of the list with up­dated retweet and favourite counts.

Other big ad­di­tions in­clude sup­port for 3D Touch, re­ply­ing to a tweet or di­rect mes­sage from a no­ti­fi­ca­tion, and the use of iOS 9’s Sa­fari View Con­troller. That last one is a big deal be­cause the in-app browser now works with con­tent block­ers, and you don’t need to log in to known sites, sav­ing time. There’s also a two-col­umn view in land­scape on iPad and Plus-size iPhones, and sup­port for Split View means you can check Twit­ter while in an­other app. More gran­u­lar mute set­tings help when a friend is ob­nox­iously tweet­ing the lat­est sports game but you don’t want to un­fol­low.

It’s dif­fi­cult to find some­thing to com­plain about. Tweet­bot 4 would be a steal at even twice the price. David Chartier

Full-fea­tured and pol­ished

Sup­ports more Twit­ter fea­tures

Ac­tiv­ity view is a home run

Bet­ter view of web pages

Mean­ing­ful im­prove­ments make Tweet­bot 4 a great new ver­sion of the best Twit­ter app for iOS.

Your pro­file sum­mary is com­ple­mented by a new over­view of favouites and retweets.

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