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I run a 27-inch iMac along­side an Ap­ple Cin­ema Dis­play in my busi­ness. I plan to em­ploy some­one to work along­side me, so I need to buy a new ma­chine and net­work them.

My plan is to buy my­self a new 5K iMac and to set up my ex­ist­ing late 2010 model for the new per­son. I have a net­work set up in my of­fice through my 2TB Time Cap­sule.

How do I set this up so the new work­sta­tion can ac­cess the main job fold­ers? What is the best way to set up two Macs in an of­fice so they work har­mo­niously to­gether? I would also like to be able to stop my em­ployee from be­ing able to delete job fold­ers. Dy­lan Mor­ton Alan Stone­bridge says… You can eas­ily net­work sev­eral Macs to­gether us­ing your Time Cap­sule’s net­work. You just need to set up your new iMac so it uses the same Wi-Fi set­tings as your ex­ist­ing com­puter. Your em­ployee will still be able to ac­cess any job files or fold­ers you have shared (un­der File Shar­ing in the Shar­ing pref­er­ences pane), and you can limit what they can do with them. To do that, click on the job file or folder you want them to ac­cess, press ç+I, then open the Shar­ing & Per­mis­sions set­tings. Here you’ll find a list of users, along with their ac­cess rights: You can choose from Read & Write, Write Only and Read Only, with the lat­ter be­ing the safest op­tion.

You could also use a ver­sion­ing process. This is where you or your em­ployee down­load a copy of a shared file to your in­di­vid­ual ma­chine when you want to work on it (mov­ing the orig­i­nal into a Taken folder on your server). You then re­name the file you’ve down­loaded, so it in­cludes the version num­ber fol­lowed by your ini­tials (so work­file.txt be­comes work­file.1as.txt, etc). This way you al­ways know who worked on the file last. When you’ve fin­ished work­ing on a file, up­load the new version back to the server to share it again. This is what we do on MacFor­mat and it works really well. It means you should al­ways have a record of changes, ei­ther on the server or on each per­son’s Mac, to re­fer back to if nec­es­sary. We’d also ad­vise making reg­u­lar back­ups of your de­vices in case some­thing goes wrong.

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