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Im­me­di­ately af­ter I up­dated my iPad to iOS 9 I got prob­lems: the con­tent and at­tach­ments in my emails dis­ap­peared. Mail in iOS only says: “The let­ter has not been down­loaded from the server”. New emails dis­ap­peared af­ter two days.

It’s a POP3 ac­count that I also have set up on my iMac, but there email is okay. I’ve talked to a mem­ber of Ap­ple’s sup­port staff, but he had not heard of the prob­lem and could not help me, so I started a thread on Ap­ple Sup­port Com­mu­ni­ties with the ti­tle ‘Prob­lems with Mail in iOS 9’.

As I write this, iOS 9.01, 9.02 and 9.1 have ap­peared with­out the prob­lem be­ing solved and the thread I started is now 12 pages long, with over 200 peo­ple re­port­ing the same prob­lem with their POP3 ac­counts.

I and many oth­ers have re­ported the prob­lem to Ap­ple, but to no avail. I have come to a tem­po­rary so­lu­tion: I have my orig­i­nal POP3 ac­count on my iMac. In my ac­count set­tings, un­der Ad­vanced, I dis­cov­ered that the set­ting ‘Re­move copy from server af­ter the mes­sage has down­loaded’ was set to ‘Af­ter two days’. I changed this to ‘When it has been moved from the In­box’. There is no op­tion to never re­move mes­sages.

Be­fore I up­dated to iOS 9, I was able to down­load en­tire emails from my POP3 ac­count to my iPad, but now they are just linked to the server. As long as the mes­sage re­mains on the server, the con­tent is vis­i­ble on my iPad. But I must be con­nected to the email server all the time to show them. If I am off­line, I can not see the con­tent, which is a prob­lem for many of us who use iOS de­vices and want to re­view old emails when trav­el­ling. Danny Bengts­son Alex Blake says… We’ve tried this our­selves, set­ting up a Gmail ac­count us­ing POP3 on an iPad Air 2 and we haven’t been able to repli­cate your is­sue. All of our emails down­loaded fine and didn’t dis­ap­pear even when we went off­line (al­though em­bed­ded im­ages did). The only thing we can think of is that this has some­thing to do with the par­tic­u­lar mail ser­vice you’re us­ing, but with­out hav­ing any fur­ther de­tails it’s dif­fi­cult to know for sure. It might be wise to con­sider mov­ing over to an IMAP ac­count for your emails, if this is pos­si­ble, as IMAP is much bet­ter at man­ag­ing email across mul­ti­ple de­vices.

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