What’s the next num­ber in se­ries?

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I keep track of my books in a Num­bers spread­sheet. In col­umn D is a num­ber for each book, which is the next num­ber in se­ries when the book was added to the sheet. Be­cause the books are in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der by au­thor, the num­bers are not se­quen­tial. If I add a book by an au­thor whose name be­gins with M, say, how can I find the next num­ber in the se­quence? Dave Burns So you’re just us­ing col­umn D as an in­dex num­ber for your col­lec­tion, yes? There are two very easy so­lu­tions. You could use the func­tion ‘MAX(D)+1’ to find the largest value in col­umn D and in­cre­ment it. If you put this in a cell above, be­low or to one side of your main book list, and la­bel it ‘Next book num­ber’, it’ll al­ways tell you which num­ber to use when adding an en­try. Make sure you don’t put the func­tion any­where in col­umn D, of course, or you’ll get an er­ror.

The other way is to tem­po­rar­ily re-sort the sheet by in­dex. Choose Ta­ble > Sort & Fil­ter Op­tions, and sort the en­tire sheet by col­umn D. You can then add your new en­try at the bot­tom with the next num­ber in the se­quence, and then sort on what­ever col­umn you use for au­thor sur­names.

The MAX func­tion lets you quickly see the high­est num­ber in what­ever col­umn or row you spec­ify.

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