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Mac Format - - RATED -

By­word and WriteRoom are ba­si­cally dig­i­tal type­writ­ers with op­tional live stats. Fo­cused adds mu­sic and trans­parency ef­fects, which can be dis­abled. The au­dio’s pleas­ant, even in the back­ground when work­ing else­where.

Ommwriter is com­par­a­tively tex­tured: you can use a plain back­ground but al­ter­na­tively a snowy land­scape or hes­sian pat­tern. There’s au­dio, but most op­tions are mu­sic-like and dis­tract­ing; the au­dio also ob­nox­iously stops when you switch apps. Oddly, the app es­chews menus, in favour of fid­dly icons that ap­pear on mov­ing the cur­sor.

iA Writer used to go for broke with min­i­mal­ism, but has since re­laxed. You can op­tion­ally dis­play a bar with sta­tis­tics, syn­tax or for­mat­ting as­sis­tance, and ei­ther a pane with your li­brary (saved files) or a pre­view. An­noy­ingly, text size ad­justs based on screen space.

Ulysses has a bare full-screen mode, but head­ings, nav­i­ga­tion, stats and a Mark­down guide are avail­able via pop-ups. Two op­tional panes en­able doc­u­ment ac­cess.

Fo­cused feels the most mod­ern of the apps on test, with some smart trans­parency.

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