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This pane tracks all of the ed­its and com­ments added to your doc­u­ment. Use the ticks and crosses down its right side to ac­cept or re­ject changes. You can show or hide this pane from the View menu.

High­lighted Com­ment

Each per­son who com­ments on your doc­u­ment is as­signed a colour, making it easy to see who’s said what.

Re­view tool­bar

This pro­vides an easy way to step through all of the com­ments and changes made to your doc­u­ment.

Tracked changes

New text ap­pears in a dif­fer­ent colour, while deleted text stays in place with a line through it so that you can see what’s been cut. You can ac­cept or re­ject the changes in­di­vid­u­ally or glob­ally.

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