HOWTO | work on a shared doc­u­ment in iCloud No ent ry? No  proble m!

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Start shar­ing

You can share from Pages by send­ing a file to some­body, or us­ing iCloud (which needs an iCloud ac­count to be set up on your Mac. Save your doc­u­ment and choose Share > Share Link via iCloud. You can make your doc­u­ment read-only and pass­word-pro­tect it.


See what’s said

On your Mac you’ll see the com­ments on your copy of the doc­u­ment. To re­view the feed­back, just click on the high­lighted text, or on the coloured block in the left mar­gin. If sev­eral peo­ple have con­trib­uted, each one’s com­ments will be coloured dif­fer­ently.


Leave a trace

This is what your doc­u­ment looks like if you make ed­its with Track Changes switched on. Deleted text re­mains, but with a line through it, and added text ap­pears in a dif­fer­ent colour to the orig­i­nal text. Click View Op­tions at the top of the left pane for op­tions to fil­ter by au­thor.


Open it on­line

All you need to col­lab­o­rate is a suit­able web browser (see­ki­cloud). This is what our col­league sees when they open the shared iCloud doc­u­ment in their browser. It’s sim­i­lar to Pages on the iPad, with icons along the top and for­mat­ting tools on the right.


Track changes

No­tice the row of op­tions above the doc­u­ment. Click its far-left icon to show the Com­ments pane, which shows ev­ery­thing that has been added by oth­ers. You can also track changes to the doc­u­ment, but that re­quires you to be work­ing with an­other Pages for Mac user.


Ac­cept or re­ject

You can choose to ac­cept or re­ject changes in­di­vid­u­ally us­ing the green and red icons next to each one in the Com­ments pane. You can also ac­cept or re­ject all changes in one step by click­ing ei­ther the green or the red but­ton in the Re­view tool­bar.


Add com­ments

Click Com­ment in the tool­bar to add com­ments to the doc­u­ment shared with you. Here, our col­league has high­lighted a block of text and com­mented on it. If you don’t like iCloud’s colour choice, change it by click­ing the icon of a per­son in the tool­bar and pick an­other. If an age­ing Mac’s version ofSa­fari pre­vents you us­ing iWork for iCloud, in­stall Google Chrome, which sup­ports OS X 10.6 on­wards.


Clean it up

Af­ter re­view­ing the changes, your doc­u­ment should look like this: the pro­posed ed­its have ei­ther been made or re­fused, so they no longer ap­pear, but the com­ments re­main. If you want to delete one, put the pointer over it in the left pane and then click Delete.

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