SKILL LEVEL IT WILL TAKE YOU’ll NEED HOWTO | Get to grip­swith Bar­tender

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Any­one can do it

15 min­utes OS X 10.10 or higher, Bar­tender 2, some menu bar sta­tus icons


Or­gan­ise your menu items

In Bar­tender’s pref­er­ences, click ‘Menu Items’. Ac­tive third-party and sys­tem menu icons are shown in the side­bar. Se­lect each in turn and use ‘Menu Bar Item’ to de­fine whether the item should be placed in the menu bar, the Bar­tender Bar (the menu that ap­pears when Bar­tender’s clicked), or hid­den.


Rear­range menus

Un­der Gen­eral, uncheck ‘Au­to­hides’. Click Bar­tender’s menu bar icon. The Bar­tender Bar will stay open, en­abling you to hold ç and drag menu bar icons to new po­si­tions. Th­ese will be used as long as Bar­tender is open. Check ‘Au­to­hides’ again if you want the bar to close it­self.


Show up­dates clearly

Icons are some­times used to grab your at­ten­tion, but this won’t hap­pen if they’re ‘hid­den’ in the Bar­tender Bar. Se­lect ’Show item in menu bar’ and then, for rel­e­vant items, set the du­ra­tion of their tem­po­rary ap­pear­ance (from five sec­onds to 10 min­utes) when some­thing changes.


Ad­just ap­pear­ances

Click Bar­tender’s menu bar icon, then hold ç and drag the cog icon to move the Bar­tender Bar. Its po­si­tion can be re­set in Bar­tender’s Ap­pear­ance pref­er­ences, where you’ll also find op­tions for chang­ing the app’s icon and re­mov­ing the gap left be­hind when No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­tre is hid­den.

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