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Cus­tomise Quick Ac­tions

One of the first 3D Touch fea­tures you will have tried out is Quick Ac­tions, by press­ing on an app icon on the Home screen. For many apps th­ese ac­tions are fixed, but some al­low the list to be cus­tomised. The third item fur­thest from Mail’s icon is the top­most Smart Folder (To­day, Flagged, VIP, and so on) in the list of mail­boxes. The fourth is ei­ther your in­box or what­ever reg­u­lar folder is listed first in Mail.


Ex­tra ac­tions when peek­ing

When you press lightly on some things, such as an item in Mail’s mes­sage list or a link on a web page, you’re given a peek at what­ever con­tent would have opened if you sim­ply tapped. You can press harder to pop open the item, or let go to can­cel, but those aren’t the only ac­tions you can take. If there’s an ar­row­head above the pre­view, swipe that way to re­veal more ac­tions – handy for triag­ing email, say.


Peek at tabs in Sa­fari

It’s easy to end up with a bunch of tabs open in Sa­fari, and it can be dif­fi­cult to pick out the one you want from the card-like view in which they’re pre­sented on an iPhone. 3D Touch‘s peek and pop ges­tures come in use­ful here, too. Lightly press on one of the card-like tab pre­views to pull it out of the list for a closer look. If it’s not the one you want, let go to re­turn to the list. Press harder to switch to that tab.


Work with text more eas­ily

When typ­ing, press hard on the on-screen key­board so you feel a vi­bra­tion. The keys will be­come blank. You can lessen the pres­sure, but don’t lift your fin­ger just yet; slide it around to move the in­ser­tion point to where you want to type, then let go. Al­ter­na­tively, put the in­ser­tion point over a word and then press harder once to se­lect the word, twice (quickly) for the sen­tence, or thrice for the para­graph.


App Switcher shortcuts

Reach­ing the Home but­ton with your thumb can be tricky, never mind press­ing it twice to open the App Switcher. Try press­ing firmly on the left edge of the screen as a way to open the switcher. If it feels like the iPhone will slip out of your hand, in­stead try press­ing lightly and swip­ing right just a lit­tle way to open the switcher, or most of the way across the screen to flick back to the last app you used.


Ex­tend your se­lec­tion

If you make a mis­take when start­ing your se­lec­tion, press hard again un­til you feel an­other vi­bra­tion and the text is de­s­e­lected. Oth­er­wise, move your fin­ger to ex­tend the se­lec­tion – the amount will match the unit you se­lected ini­tially. When you’ve com­pleted your se­lec­tion, lift your fin­ger off the screen to do some­thing with it – type over it, say, or tap the se­lec­tion it­self to re­veal ad­di­tional op­tions.

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