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Turn on Screen Shar­ing

On your Mac, open Sys­tem Pref­er­ences and click the Shar­ing icon. Put a check mark in the box next to Screen Shar­ing. Click on that item, then click the but­ton la­belled Com­puter Set­tings. In the pane that opens, put a check mark next to ‘VNC view­ers may con­trol screen with pass­word’, and then click in the adjacent box and en­ter a pass­word, which you will need in the fol­low­ing steps. This en­sures no­body else can con­trol your Mac. If you plan to give this pass­word to some­one else for some rea­son, make it dif­fer­ent to the one you use to log in to your user ac­count on your Mac, so that you don’t also give them phys­i­cal ac­cess to it.


Set up Re­moter VNC

Down­load Re­moter from the App Store on your iPad or iPhone, and make sure the de­vice is on the same wire­less net­work as the Mac you will be controlling re­motely. Click on the + icon at the top-left cor­ner of the screen and you will be shown a list of avail­able com­put­ers on your net­work. You should see your Mac ap­pear, us­ing the name that‘s set at the top of its Shar­ing pref­er­ences pane. You are look­ing for the VNC icon which will look dif­fer­ent to ma­chines us­ing other pro­to­cols to broad­cast their iden­ti­ties. Tap on the name of your Mac, then tap Add to pro­vide set­tings nec­es­sary to es­tab­lish a con­nec­tion.


Pro­vide lo­gin de­tails

The app should have de­tected that you want to use the VNC pro­to­col to con­nect, but if it hasn’t got this right you can cor­rect it by tap­ping on the Server Type item and se­lect­ing VNC ScreenShar­ing. Next, move down to the user­name and pass­word fields, which are nec­es­sary to suc­cess­fully con­nect to the Mac. Next to VNC User­name, en­ter the ad­min­is­tra­tor ac­count name you use on the Mac, and for VNC Pass­word en­ter the pass­word you set in step 1. When th­ese de­tails are filled in, tap Save. You will be re­turned to the main screen. A sim­i­lar pro­ce­dure ap­plies even if you are us­ing a pro­to­col other than VNC to con­nect.


Con­nect to your Mac

Tap on your Mac on Re­moter VNC’s main screen, and then tap Start. The app will con­nect over your Wi-Fi net­work and give you re­mote con­trol of the Mac as if you were sit­ting in front of that com­puter. You can spread two fin­gers apart on the iPad’s screen to zoom into the Mac’s desk­top, and then pinch them to­gether to zoom out again, just like in many iOS apps. Tap­ping on the iPad’s screen will move the Mac’s pointer to wher­ever you tapped. Tap­ping on items on the screen has the same ef­fect as click­ing on them with a mouse or track­pad. There’s a full-screen mode op­tion at the top-left cor­ner of Re­moter VNC, if you wish to use it.


Con­trol the pointer

Tap on the track­pad icon at the bot­tom­right cor­ner of Re­moter VNC to open its vir­tual track­pad. The larger area on it is used to move the pointer, just like mov­ing a mouse around or drag­ging your fin­ger around on a track­pad’s sur­face. The smaller strip on the vir­tual track­pad’s right side con­trols ver­ti­cal scrolling. This works in any doc­u­ment or win­dow where scrolling is pos­si­ble, such as web­sites or Pages doc­u­ments. Ac­tions you set up for the track­pad on the Mac are also trans­lated. For ex­am­ple, a two-fin­ger tap on the vir­tual track­pad opens a con­tex­tual menu in cer­tain places, just like it would if you did it on a Mac’s track­pad.


Use the key­board

You can call up a vir­tual key­board to type as if you were sit­ting in front of your Mac. For this to work you first need your Mac to be fo­cussed on some­thing where it’s pos­si­ble to en­ter text, such as a Pages doc­u­ment, Sa­fari‘s Smart Search field, or Spot­light. Tap to fo­cus on an area such as th­ese, then tap the key­board icon at the bot­tom-right cor­ner of Re­moter VNC. A small, tem­po­rary text field above the vir­tual key­board shows you a pre­view of what you’ve typed. Con­firm it’s cor­rect, then press the Re­turn key to send the text to your Mac. If you’ve typed some­thing in Sa­fari’s Smart Search field, press Re­turn again to search or go to the ad­dress.

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