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iMus­cle 2

£7.99 3D4Med­i­cal.com, 3D4Med­i­cal.com This app takes a hands-on ap­proach to tar­geted ex­er­cises by let­ting you zoom into a 3D model of the hu­man body to se­lect a par­tic­u­lar mus­cle to work on. Do­ing so re­veals a range of ex­er­cises which you can then add to a cus­tom work­out rou­tine, or sim­ply fol­low one of the pre­set work­outs.

Daily Work­outs

£4.49 Daily Work­out Apps, dai­ly­work­outapps.com If you’re look­ing for var­ied body-strength­en­ing rou­tines that last be­tween 10 and 30 min­utes, con­sider this Mac app. It ran­domly gen­er­ates ex­er­cise rou­tines tar­get­ing full body, up­per, lower and core mus­cles, plucked from a data­base of over 100 ex­er­cises.

My Med­i­cal

£10.99 Hyrax, mymed­i­calapp.com If your health is such that you have to keep med­i­cal records then this app is for you. It’s a com­pre­hen­sive repos­i­tory for all your med­i­cal data, in­clud­ing emer­gency con­tacts, health in­sur­ance, drug pre­scrip­tions and test re­sults. It can even add doc­tor ap­point­ments and lab tests to Cal­en­dar.

Pocket Yoga

£3.99 Rain­frog, pock­etyoga.com This app is per­fect if you take yoga classes and want to keep up with your prac­tice at home. You can se­lect from 27 dif­fer­ent ses­sions of vary­ing dif­fi­culty and du­ra­tion, and fol­low the vis­ual and spo­ken in­struc­tions. There’s a de­tailed de­scrip­tion of each pose, and you can track your progress.

Per­fect Diet Tracker

£18.99 Boni Life­style, per­fect­di­et­tracker.com En­ter your cur­rent weight along with an ideal tar­get weight, and this app will cal­cu­late the length of time it will take you to achieve it based on your daily calo­rie in­take and nu­tri­tional pro­file. You can then track your diet by fill­ing in the food diary, en­cour­ag­ing you to stay on tar­get as you go.

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