5 things to do in El Cap­i­tan

Mac Format - - 2016 -

1. Find the pointer

Lost the pointer? Don’t waste time mov­ing it slowly around the screen un­til you spot it: give the mouse a good shake, or scrub your fin­ger quickly back and forth on your track­pad, and the pointer bal­loons to its max­i­mum size so you can eas­ily spot it. Stop shak­ing or scrub­bing and it’ll shrink back to its nor­mal size.

2. Edit im­ages in Mail

Place the pointer over an im­age in an out­go­ing mail mes­sage and click the ar­row that then ap­pears in the cor­ner of the im­age. You can edit and an­no­tate the pic­ture right in­side Mail be­fore send­ing it. This neat change should be enough to save you a trip to an im­age edit­ing app be­fore you click Send.

3. Search us­ing sen­tences

Spot­light has al­ways been good at find­ing files based on their names or con­tents, but you can now use more ab­stract phrases like ‘doc­u­ments I worked on

this week’ to pull up re­cent files.

4. Si­lence Sa­fari

If you’re like us, you de­spise sites which au­to­play sound; es­pe­cially when you’ve got sev­eral tabs open and can’t work out which is the ob­nox­ious one. In Sa­fari 9, noisy tabs sport a speaker icon that you can click to mute it with­out hav­ing to close the page. If there’s more than one, click the speaker icon in the Smart Search field to si­lence all of them.

5. Re­lo­cate Spot­light

We use Spot­light to work out sim­ple cal­cu­la­tions, but its win­dow fre­quently cov­ers the num­bers we need to re­fer to. This was a prob­lem in Yosemite, but not in El Cap­i­tan, as you can now drag the win­dow (from its search bar) to a new spot on the screen to un­cover your

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