Moun­tain Duck 1.1

Ac­cess cloud stor­age us­ing Finder


£29.99 FROM it­er­ate, moun­tain­ NEEDS OS X 10.7 or higher, a sup­ported on­line stor­age ac­count

Moun­tain Duck is a tool with lim­ited ap­peal – web de­vel­op­ers will get more from it than any­one else, we sus­pect – but what it does, it does pretty well.

It’s de­signed to in­te­grate on­line servers and stor­age into OS X it­self, by mount­ing them as vir­tual drives in Finder, pro­vid­ing sys­temwide ac­cess to their con­tents.

Moun­tain Duck is from the mak­ers of Cy­ber­duck (cy­ber­, which is an open-source tool that gives you easy ac­cess to FTP, SFTP, We­bDAV, S3 and OpenS­tack Swift server stor­age through the app it­self. While this new app works in­de­pen­dently of Cy­ber­duck, they’re best as a pair: cre­ate a con­nec­tion us­ing Cy­ber­duck’s user-friendly front end, then book­mark it – this is shared with Moun­tain Duck, so you can eas­ily con­nect to your on­line stor­age through its menu bar icon.

Once con­nected, your on­line stor­age is mounted as a vir­tual drive, and ap­pears un­der Fa­vorites in Finder’s side­bar. A glitch oc­curs if you set the app to run at startup but don’t close it be­fore restart­ing; it’ll cre­ate copies of your short­cuts in Fa­vorites.

Per­for­mance de­pends on the speed of your con­nec­tion, but the app is sim­ple and pretty sta­ble. It’s over­priced for what it does and there things to fix, but Moun­tain Duck cer­tainly does what it says on the tin.

This app is a con­ve­nient way to

ac­cess your on­line stor­age.

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