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Mu­sic stream­ing >

You should have no prob­lem stream­ing mu­sic around your home. Songs from the iTunes Store and Ap­ple Mu­sic use around 256Kbps (Kilo­bits per sec­ond), while higher qual­ity Ap­ple Loss­less tracks – an op­tion for im­port­ing your own CDs – use more band­width.

Video stream­ing >

Video can be in­ten­sive on band­width. Net­flix sug­gests down­load speeds of 3Mbps for SD video, 5Mbps for 720p HD video and 25Mbps for Ul­tra HD per stream. How smoothly video streams also de­pends who else is us­ing your net­work and your setup.

Video con­fer­enc­ing >

If you love chat­ting face-to­face, count on us­ing sim­i­lar band­width as for stream­ing video. Skype, for ex­am­ple, rec­om­mends 300Kbps for video call­ing, 500Kbps for higher qual­ity, and 1.5Mbps for HD video. FaceTime needs 1Mbps for HD video.

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