Magic Track­pad>

Mac Format - - WIFI SECRETS -

Quickly open No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cente >

Swipe two fin­gers in­wards from your track­pad’s right edge to re­veal No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­ter. It’s quicker than click­ing its menu bar icon.

Mis­sion Con­trol >

If you or­gan­ise win­dows across mul­ti­ple desk­tops, you can ac­cess Mis­sion Con­trol to man­age them by swip­ing up with three fin­gers on your track­pad.

Con­tex­tual ac­tions >

Want a word’s mean­ing, to add a de­tail a con­tact, or to check if a time suits your sched­ule? Place the pointer over the item, then tap three fin­gers for con­tex­tual help.

App Ex­posé>

You can see all win­dows open in the cur­rent app by swip­ing down­wards with three fin­gers. (You’ll need to turn on this ges­ture in the Track­pad pref­er­ences pane.)

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