Why isn’t Wi-Fi work­ing?

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Your Mac, iPad and iPhone should nor­mally have very few prob­lems con­nect­ing to your Wi‑Fi net­work, but when prob­lems crop up, fix­ing them is rel­a­tively easy. The first thing to check, of course, is that Wi-Fi is ac­ti­vated on the de­vice you’re us­ing. On the Mac, look at the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar – the bars that it’s com­prised of in­di­cate sig­nal strength; the more dark­ened bars there are, the stronger the sig­nal is. If you can’t see any bars, sev­eral are grey, or there’s an ex­cla­ma­tion mark show­ing, Wi-Fi on your Mac is switched off, the sig­nal from your router is weak, or you’re ex­pe­ri­enc­ing some other prob­lem, re­spec­tively.

Click the icon for a list of nearby net­works that are broad­cast­ing their name. For ad­di­tional info about the net­work you’re us­ing, such as whether it can reach the in­ter­net and re­cep­tion info in­clud­ing trans­mis­sion rate, hold å when you click the icon. You can run a di­ag­nos­tic from here, and gen­er­ate a re­port for a pro to look at.

The Wi-Fi icon has an ex­tra mode that re­veals fine con­nec­tion de­tails.

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