How to Send re­ceipts to a folder on iCloud Drive

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1 Make a print plug-in In Au­toma­tor, choose File > New, se­lect Print Plugin, then click Choose. This type of work­flow ex­tends OS X’s Print dia­log; if you use Chrome as your web browser, press å+ç+p to use that dia­log in­stead of Chrome’s cus­tom one.

2 Use a unique file­name By de­fault, when our work­flow saves a PDF to a folder, it’ll over­write any file of the same name al­ready there. To avoid this, se­lect Files & Fold­ers or Finder in the first col­umn, then drag Re­name Finder Items ac­tion from the sec­ond to the third.

3 Add the time Click Don’t Add when asked if you’d like to add a Copy Finder Items ac­tion as well. In the Re­name Finder Items ac­tion, set For­mat to Hour Minute Sec­ond, Sep­a­ra­tor to Dash, and Where to Be­fore Name. Also turn on Use Lead­ing Ze­ros.

4 Add the date Add an­other Re­name Finder Items ac­tion be­low the ex­ist­ing one and again click Don’t Add. This time set For­mat to Year Month Day, and the other op­tions as you did in step 3. Your re­ceipts will be uniquely named down to the sec­ond.

5 Cre­ate a folder In Finder, press ß+ç+I to go to iCloud Drive. Cre­ate a folder called Web Re­ceipts, then re­turn to Au­toma­tor, drag the Move Finder Items ac­tion into your work­flow, and use the pop-up menu to se­lect the folder you just cre­ated.

6 Save and test Save the work­flow, call­ing it Save to iCloud Re­ceipts. In Mail, find a re­ceipt and press ç+p. Click PDF at the dia­log’s bot­tom-left cor­ner, then your work­flow’s name. A PDF of the re­ceipt will be saved to the folder you cre­ated on iCloud Drive.

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