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The on­line stor­age space pro­vided with your iCloud ac­count is called iCloudDrive. It makes your files avail­able on all Macs and iOS de­vices signed in to the same ac­count.

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then ei­ther gives you the re­sult or passes it to the next ac­tion in the chain for fur­ther work.

It’s up to you to pick out the ac­tions that will help ac­com­plish your over­all task and add them to a work­flow in the ap­pro­pri­ate or­der. You can have as many ac­tions as you like, but each must un­der­stand the out­put of the pre­ced­ing one. For ex­am­ple, you couldn’t get an event from your calendar in one ac­tion and per­form colour cor­rec­tion on it in the next, as there’d be no colours to work with.

Our work­flow

In the six steps that fol­low we’re go­ing to cre­ate a Print Plugin work­flow that’s ac­cessed when you choose File > Print or press ç+p. It will use the mes­sage that’s se­lected in Mail or the web page dis­played in the browser as its in­put but, rather than send­ing it straight to the printer, it’ll first con­vert it into a PDF, give it a unique name so it doesn’t over­write any other stored doc­u­ments, and put it on iCloud Drive for safe­keep­ing.

Our work­flow doesn’t need any third‑party ac­tions, only those pro­vided with Yosemite and El Cap­i­tan. These sys­tems are re­quired to ac­cess iCloud Drive; if you’re run­ning an ear­lier ver­sion of OS X, you could amend the clos­ing steps to save the file to a folder that syncs with a ser­vice like Drop­box or OneDrive, or to a NAS (net­work at­tached stor­age) drive in your home or of­fice.

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